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25 points are awarded upon pre-entering and competing in a race.

In the qualifying race, points are only awarded to the top 3.  No other positions receive qualifying points.  These points are awarded as:  1st - 15 points, 2nd - 10 points, 3rd - 5 points.

5 points are awarded to any official lap leader.

5 additional points are awarded to the leader of the most laps.

Bonus points:  250 points are awarded upon entering and competing in each pre-designated 5 - race leg of overall schedule.  In other words, if you compete in the first 5 races, then you will receive the 250 point bonus at the conclusion of the 5-race leg.  If, for any reason, you miss 1 or more of the 5, then you would not receive the 250 point bonus.  The same would be true of the 2nd 5 - race leg and so on.  If the sum of events in any given year does not add up in factors of 5, the 250 point bonus will also be awarded for the remaining races.  As in the case of the 2002 season (22 races) drivers must compete in the final 2 events to pick up the 250-point bonus.  Why the bonus points?  It can encourage, from time to time, full-time participation.

Finishing points:  Points begin at 200 for 1st place and fall in 5-point increments each position:  1st - 200 points, 2nd - 195 points, 3rd - 190 points, 4th - 185 points,  5th - 180 points and so on down to 41st.


2010 Official Point Standings



Jack Bowsher & Associates Motorsports

4636 E. National Rd. Springfield, OH  45505

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